BluGlu Code

After looking at the BluGlu code, it appears that while there is not much of a difference between the HTML and JavaScript of the BluGlu and AND, BluGlu has various additional features in native Java code. There are various files involving BluGlu including:

  • A connection between BluGlu and the BlueTooth client.
  • There are also classes which handle the creation of headers and packets for BluGlu.
  • Parsing of BluGlu packets.
  • A CommandFactory class for any BluGlu command.
  • Detection and timeout for messages.
  • An actual BluetoothCommand class.

One thought on “BluGlu Code

  1. hello,
    I read your post its very interesting . I want to integrate the same thing you mentioned in this post. Can you please provide a demo code for how to get data from the medical device using bluetooth plugin for phonegap.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

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