New Bluetooth Enabled Medical Devices

I’ve just done a search for medical devices and found several newly released Bluetooth enabled devices which could be possible implemented into or related to the MMDI project. Here is the simple description about these devices.


1. LifeScan OnoTouch Verio® Sync® Blood Glucose Meter


This new device is release as OneTouch® Verio®Sync System including the blood glucose meter and a iOS application called Onetouch® Reveal™ mobile app. This app can make blood glucose readings transfer to iPod, iPhone and iPad by using Bluetooth technology and provide data analysis for the data of 14 days.

No Android app for this device is provided by the vendor.

No Bluetooth communication API /protocol is found. However, It would be amazing if we can get its api and implement it in our MMDI project.


2. Ploytel Blood Glucose Meter Adapters.

Ploytel recently release a serial of new model for its blood glucose meter adapters, including GMA1-L, GMA2-A and GMA2-B. All this devices have the same appearance.


The model GMA2-L or PWR-09-02 is used to connected to LifeScan OneTouch Ultra serial (and more) of blood glucose meters. The PWR-09-02 model is compatible with the old mode PWR-08-06, which we have implemented into our MMDI project. This means that MMDI applications can receive Bluetooth data from the new PWR-09-02 Polytel devices for LifeScan OneTouch Ultra, Ultra 2 and UltraMini blood glucose metters without the need to change any code.


3. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


This is new products of Withings blood pressure monitor which can transfer readings to mobile devices by using Bluetooth technology. But this device is not current available because it is waiting for US FDA clearance.  

This device is Bluetooth Smart Ready device with both regular Bluetooth and Bluetooth low Energy connectivity.  The vendor provides free Health Mate app for both iOS and Android devices. But development kit for Bluetooth API cannot be found.


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